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Excuses Are Not Welcome Anymore

I am tired of excuses. I make them all the time. I hear other people make them. I’m just tired of them.




And that goes for not just running or fitness, it goes for life in general.

I’m too lazy to go down the stairs to the basement sometimes, so I just drop whatever it may be into the laundry shoot.

I let items accumulate next to the upstairs steps so I don’t have to make so many trips.




No more of that.


I have a babysitting snafu for tomorrow (Which really really really gets my blood boiling. You wanna talk angry???? You wanna talk crazy???? I GOT YOUR CRAZY) and have to scramble to find a replacement pronto so I can get my Nursing School pictures done.


I’ve had the FLU for the past two days and still did what I needed to do. I’m talking nausea whenever I’m vertical. Poop. Ooodles of poop. Fever. Chills. Did I mention the poop?

But I still worked, and did the whole mom thing, and wife thing, and housework thing.

breathe in…………… breathe out………….

I need to channel the frustration I’m feeling and direct it back into myself, in the form of this challenge-

I will Imagine my future self getting mad at me for the excuses I’m pulling today. This rage, this frustration and DISAPPOINTMENT over some lame excuse, over the easy road….

Now I will stop making excuses and just do what needs to be done.

It’s called life, boys and girls.

Nothing worth doing comes easy,

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

― Theodore Roosevelt






Hump Day

Today’s workouts:

20 V leg crunches (lower leg lifts)

20 isolated crunches

45min of yoga thanks to Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube….


Yoga for Hamstring Flexibility

Yoga for Stress or Anxiety Relief

Yoga to loosen the hips

Superstretch for low backs and hips

and the Mother of them all—–

Tabata workout for upper body strength…….

Check them out! I’m telling you, they’re relaxing and over before you know it. I feel great!


But I’m sure I’ll be hobbling around the hospital tomorrow………

Anywhooo…….. Given the appropriate weather conditions, I think I’m going for a


tomorrow!!! It’s been 2 weeks, my knees feel great, and I was pranced around my basement earlier trying to figure out how to land on the balls of my feet and not my heel… 


I am the former. I wish to be the latter. I will try it out tomorrow and see how it goes!!!

Till then………

Be good! Or just good at it.

Mon Day



This was me this morning…

I set my alarm to get up with my husband at 5, had my yoga pants and tank top within arms’ length of the bed. I ended up hitting snooze a few times (Okay like 5) and just kind of rolled around the bed for another half an hour.

That counts as a morning yoga routine, right??




So this evening after I put my wonderful child to bed….. (I got my first “I’M NOT YOUR SON!” tonight….. cue the warm fuzzies!)

I did 4 yoga videos from Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube (She’s GREAT)

And….. 20 leg V lifts (I guess I’ll call them that?)

And 20 arms-over-the-head slow crunches.

Feel the burn!!! 

I do, I do!

My knees are feeling better still, I might be brazen enough to jog it out later this week or during the weekend…. oh I hope I hope I hope!

Oh I saw this earlier today and cannot for the LIFE of me find out where….. when I figure it out I will comment with credits- I love it. How positive!!!




And to end on a super positive note….. I only have 23 actual days of school left until I GRADUATE!!

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!! (June 18th is the big day!!!!!!!)


Have a wonderful evening everyone- when my husband gets home from a hard night’s work killing zombies we are going to watch 


Mmmmm Sam Worthington…..



Shine on! Run Strong!

Hindsight is 20/20: New Runner Tips

I am a new runner. I am painfully stumbling and fumbling my way through learning the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of this lifestyle.

So far, not so good.

FIRST MISTAKE: In a cheap (and so stupid) ditch effort to save some money (full time nursing school zaps your moola) I’d been running in used, worn and tired shoes.

SECOND MISTAKE: I did not have strong legs going in to this (I’m building strength by running, right????)

THIRD MISTAKE: I was going to start my cross-training within the next week, but really had to start a month ago.

Right now I am currently bumming what I believe is tendinitis… one pretty nasty case in my Right knee, and a mild come and go one in my left. Today marks 9 days off from running. I’m going crazy, especially with the power exhibited behind the runners throughout the world in response to Boston. I want to  show my support and channel my emotions and grow strong, But I gotta do what I gotta do.

RICE is my friend. (and… dare I say it……….. my legs are feeling better!)

Here is what I’ve learned so far…….

#1- DO NOT WEAR CHEAP SHOES!!!!!!!! You get what you put into your workout, unfortunately, and I used crap shoes and got CRAP KNEES because of it. APPARENTLY…..  when you run, your knees take on 2-3 TIMES your body weight, one at a time. (Doing the math in my head…. carry the two…..) that means for me personally, at a ‘cough’ healthy 195 pounds, my poor poor knees each take on a mere 585 pounds with each step. That’s the equivalent of my one little knee carrying the weight of a male lion. I’m talking the f*ing King of the Jungle.

Hey, at least it's some majestic animal

Hey, at least it’s some majestic animal, I’ve got a ways to go till I’m at elephant seal…

The cushioning technology in running shoes offset the weight, absorbing 2.5 times the weight of the lion, reducing the force emitted on the cartilage of the knees. The Wedding Singer is flashing in my head right now…

“Things that could’ve been brought to my attention YESTERDAYYYY”

(I’m just kidding. I take full responsibility for my dumbass attack)

SOLUTION: Get fitted for a pair of shoes based on your running gait, and have it professionally done at a place like:

The Running Zone

They know what they’re doing. They will watch and often videotape how you run, analyze and examine your gait and match you with shoes perfect for your individual step. If you are in Melbourne, Florida and need a really great (and I mean really, really great) running store experience, check them out. Heck, check them out anyway, right meow. Ever heard of the Space Coast Marathon? That’s them. (They are also my wonderful cousins, who I don’t talk to nearly enough but think of all the time)

I grew up on Florida’s gorgeous space coast

The beach up the street from my house growing up.... sigh,,,,,

The beach up the street from my house growing up…. sigh……

 and dream of running the Space Coast Marathon someday, and am going to train for the Half this DECEMBER. I live in Northern Ohio (I can spit and hit Lake Erie, no really) and am so envious of their beautiful weather all the time, and the million and a half 5ks every weekend down there. I took the weather for granted when I lived there, and wish I had been into running when I lived there. Maybe someday I’ll move back (My hubby LOVES it there, but is fearful a hurricane will sink the peninsula)

I’ve never been to RoadRunner Sports, but my friend and I are going to take a road trip down there this summer to get me refitted for shoes (I’m an Ariel) The downfall is the closest one to us (and the only one in the STATE for that matter) is in Columbus, about a 3 hour drive. But apparently it’s worth it! (Still, if you’re in Florida, make the trip to my beautiful homeland and check out the Running Zone and run in one of their 5ks, they are so good and family oriented)

I’ve been researching tips how to not SUCK when I get back on the road, and find myself on Cool Running’s site… Here are their tips for narrowing down the most appropriate shoe for you (It’s a rundown of your foot and step characteristics, what to expect when you are professionally fitted, and some technical jargon so you’re not standing there with your thumb up your nose while the sales associates talk to you.)


Again, a huge mistake thinking I could nail jello to a tree. I have relatively strong legs, but not enough to compensate for my sh*tty shoes. Or the lion.

Again, my couch-bound ass has scoured the internet trying to figure out what I did wrong, and how to not F it up again. Here’s what I’ve come up with, it’s really quite simple.

Your knee is a hinge, surrounded by strong leg muscles. In order to support your knee (and lion) you need to have a strong foundation to prevent common running injuries. The quads and hamstrings help keep your knee in proper alignment, preventing torque injuries.


Take it for what it’s worth, do your own research, try what’s best for you. This is what I’ve found…

SOLUTION: has a section on exercises used to strengthen the hip flexors (a common weak link for many runners) and leg muscles…

MISTAKE #3- Cross Train!

This basically reiterates #2, strengthen the muscles in those legs, work muscles not used while running, and help prevent injuries!

I am going to start elliptical training, and once the WONDERFUL Ohio weather decides to snap the F out of it and warm up, I’ll go across the street and swim in the Lake. People in Ohio don’t really have swimming pools (at least no one I know) and the local high schools want to charge be a rotten $200 for a pool pass. Harumph. I’ll swim in the lake. I also love to BIKE!!! So there’s my cross-training.

Now…. all that information is there…. I JUST HAVE TO DO IT.

And remember- I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun!

Run Strong my friends!

Run for Boston

The images pouring in from Boston rock me to my core. I cannot imagine the horror and chaos that took place this afternoon. The utter horror and fear on these peoples’ faces makes my stomach hurt. I wish I were there to hold their hand and tell them help was coming. The desecration of such a positive and amazing event is a shame. Momentous achievements were supposed to be celebrated today. Instead, the streets are littered with debris, blood and missing limbs. I can’t imagine the terror still going on at the local hospitals, trying to stabilize these individuals and comfort panic-stricken families.

I wish I could help. I envisioned myself running toward the explosion, not away, adrenaline kicking in to try to salvage whoever I could. I think of why I am getting into the nursing profession and cry for the loss of self, the fears and the loss of life which occurred today. I think of how many people were violated today. How many memories were stolen? Perverted?

I think of why I am getting into the sport of running. I think of why I run… I think of how amazing it felt to accomplish the milestones I have so far, and how one day I wish to be in Boston myself.

I will run for the people affected by today’s destruction.  I will run for the people whose dreams have been stolen. I will run for those who no longer can….

We run for those who can’t…

My heart is heavy tonight. May peace find those desperately in need of it tonight…

Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Sh*t on Me Today!

I apologize for the negativity in what you are about to read. I’m trying to be positive, you know, all “I am radiant there’s sunshine shooting out of every orifice teeheehee!” But today I am a dark rain cloud. Not a little black rain cloud, no no Pooh Bear, I’m a full-fledged F5 Tornado, hurling rusty farm machinery at Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.


Giving that cat a run for his money. Although I’m sure he would revel in my dilemma, the bastard

I totally jacked up my knees. Both of them. A Bilateral pile of horse shit. I blame my old shoes. I blame the economy. I blame nursing school. I blame myself for being stupid and cheap and trying to filch it until I can afford a nice pair of shoes. Bah. BAH! (shaking my fist at the universe)

As an almost nurse, we’ve been taught to instruct (“For we are nurses”,  my instructor says in a shrill voice, “we do not ENCOURAGE, we INSTRUCT!”) our patients to go to a physician to diagnose presenting ailments.

Cut to me feverously smashing away at the keys, googling my signs and symptoms.  Meniscus sprain? Tear? Obliteration? Runner’s Knee? Popliteal Deconglomeration? (okay I made that one up)

Basically I should go to a doctor and get a barrage of tests done to see what I did. I think I strained it. Sprain? Strain? I can’t remember the difference right now.  sTrain= Tendon. Is the meniscus a tendon? I think so.

RICE. No no not flied lice (tastes nice!!) Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. My anagram goes something like this though:


IDIOT, (Stimpy you)



So I’m going to take a week off from my training (maybe more depending on the extent) And take it easy. I can hear my mother’s voice a mere month ago when I told her I was going to start running…

(Cue thick New York accent) “Sarah, don’t run, save your knees”   Yeah yeah whatever mom okay.

I’m waving at you right now mom. And smiling. (By waving I mean flipping the bird and by smiling I mean flipping the bird with my other hand) Love you mom. Mean it. (I really do love my mother she is amazing and, dare I say it, a bit clairvoyant?)

So in order for me to keep up with the wonderful progress I’d been making (that part wasn’t sarcasm, I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks from diet and exercise!) I’m going to have to do some low impact take-it-easy exercises, like yoga, ab and arm exercises and a lot of sex (so not low-impact)

grumble grumble grumble…….

Anyone have any setback stories to share to get my hopes up? Advice? Anything that doesn’t involve amputation and or bilateral knee replacements/ACL surgery. (I am a worst-case scenario thinker….)






Was that a Hyena?

So, I really have no clue what I’m doing as far as running goes. I have a pretty good idea, I think, but lack a lot of the knowledge and essential garb for truly embracing the lifestyle. That’s okay, for now… I don’t know what a technical shirt is, (Anyone wanna field that one?) And chafing balm? I would’ve found that one out the painful way. I run in worn out sneakers (which my knees are thanking me for….) But like I said, I am shooting for June. In June the heavens will open up with beautiful singing angels and I will be able to start purchasing the necessities of running.

Until then…….. Does anyone have a good list of stuff I can’t live (or run) without? What products work best for you, and which ones I shouldn’t give a second glance?

Oh yes, since this blog is supposed to be about posting my workouts, I shall post yesterday’s run…

I am doing the couch to 5k and since I don’t have one of those “Smart Phones” (I truly live in the stone age) I scoured the internet to find an intervals podcast to download on my Ipod. Check out DJ Beatsmith’s Podrunner Intervals, the music is upbeat and motivating, and I love not having to glance at my ipod every 3 seconds and try to calculate how long it’s been, and when I need to switch from running to walking… (EPIC FAIL)

So, yesterday was Week 2, Day 2, and the set was 28 min long. I did amazingly well, considering I’d taken 3 days off and I’m only into my second week. I felt like I could’ve continued running (and I probably should have).

I love the clarity of mind you get from running, and I was laughing like a hyena when I realized I’d completed the workout already (Runner’s high, anyone?). The accomplishment (although minute to you seasoned runners) amazes me. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since day 1, when I swear I was going into cardiac arrest on the side of the road (Picture a puddle of a girl lying in a gutter, pounding on her chest screaming “It’s OKAY, I know CPR”).

My New Running Partner

I am using the ever-so-popular Couch to 5k program to get my butt into shape, currently I’m on week 2, day 2. Week 2 consists of a 4 minute warm up followed by alternating walking for 2 minutes and jogging for a minute and a half. It’s getting easier, even with the wind as biting as it is!

Yesterday my husband and I put one of our dogs to sleep, Spike. He and his brother, Atlas, (along with 4 other viable pups) were born into our hands as their mother died. We raised these two from birth- we were all they knew, they were our children. The two were inseparable….


Bros (Spike in top, Atlas on bottom)

It is extremely devastating to us and my heart breaks for our remaining dog, who looks to the back door at every noise, waiting for his brother to return…

Which brings me back to today’s run. It was special to me, my first run since he passed, and I  knew he was running with me, pushing me further and harder. He will always run by my side now, my new running partner.

He was so handsome

He was so handsome

Run For Those Who Can’t

I have about 5 loads of laundry on my bed right now to fold and put away. They stand between me and sleep. But instead I type.

I am Sarah, a twenty-something year old LPN student ready to change my life for the better. As a soon-to-be Public Health Figure, I need to examine some aspects of my lifestyle and make healthier choices to get in shape, both inside and out, to serve as a positive role model to others.

(And I can’t wait for my husband to go all Animaniacs on me….)animaniacs-hello-nurse-150x150

I’ve taken care of a lot of people in my short healthcare career, many with debilitating diseases. I think of how they depend on me for everything, even something as simple as moving around in bed. I’ve gotten so lazy that I have a pile of stuff next to the hallway leading upstairs and when it gets too obnoxiously in the way I trudge my fat ass up the 15 or so steps to put the belongings where they belong. Embarrassing, I know, given many of my patients would give anything to stand, or walk, let alone graciously climb a full flight of stairs.

So, I run for those who can’t.

I’m making a list of all the runs and walks supporting various diseases, pledging to help raise awareness while I exercise my body. If you are interested, here are some links to their events. Find an event in your area and run in honor of someone who can’t!

ALS Walk

Multiple Sclerosis 

March of Dimes 

Muscular Dystrophy

Breast Cancer

Alzheimer’s Association 

Cystic Fibrosis

These are races or walks I have researched so far. If anyone has other organizations they would like me to add, please let me know!

Has anyone participated in any of these events? Please share your motivating stories!

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