Arming Bears

Last night I had a pretty good run, definitely better then last week’s disaster of an attempt…. I ran 2 full laps around the park, walked 1, ran 1, walked 1 and ran 1. COOL! My breathing feels like it did when I first started my couch to 5k program in early April- my lungs and throat feel like I’m sucking in cold air…. A lot of mucus and spitting and hacking (which is quite a feat for me- I never learned how to properly hock a loogie)


Today I’m cleaning out my closet (literally, not figuratively) so my hubby can put the gun cabinet in there…. We go through a kick a few times a year of re-arranging our furniture, and apparently the bug has bit him. He is very proud of his arms, as am I. Here’s his newest purchase- 



I was supposed to do the Cleveland Color Run today…. I personally did not feel ready to participate in the event to my standards. Unfortunately. There is, however, one in Toledo in August that you can BET YOUR BOOTAY I will be at! August is when I ‘start’ training for the half marathon I want to accomplish in December.

Am I crazy for having that HUGE of a goal? Is it physically unattainable at this point in time? I don’t think so! 





OH! On another SUPER HAPPY AWESOME note:


They fly into Toledo Thursday, for 7 glorious days of staring at each other smiling. 

I can’t wait! I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years!

Imagemy 2 sisters 😀

Are you close to your family? 

Do you get to see them often?

What is your HUGE, damn-near-out-of-reach goal for the year?



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