Look what I made!


These little pretties (they really are pretty, my phone just sucks rocks) are from a recipe I glommed off of the Lean Green Bean here. She has great tips, I’m slowly getting into weekly food prepping, and she also does the Foodie Penpal program! If you have never checked out her page, she is AWESOME and you must go there as soon as you’re done reading/liking/commenting/following this post.


My bars go by the name “Cursed Frogurt Bars” (Any Simpson’s Fans out there?) Here’s why:

I originally started to make them as frozen yogurt bites, scooping them into an ice cube tray and when they set, dip them in dark chocolate.


Well that all worked out great (for the most part, the chocolate kept freezing up and became more like a frosting them a dip…) But when Justin bit into one of the finished ditties, he jumped up and down waving his hands around with a really painful look on his face, then spit the chewed up spitty bite out onto the plate. (I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that…) 

Turns out it was too cold for that big of a bite for him (and for me but I wasn’t mr drama queen about it).
SO. I pried all the bites out of the tray back into a bowl, mashed them up till they were soft, and spread them out onto the foiled cookie sheet:


I magically got some of the dark chocolate to stick to the tops, don’t ask me how because I really don’t know. It was a bit like finger painting for a minute there. I popped them in the freezer and let them set over night. After dropping Justin off at work this morning (hello 6am) I came home and chopped them into bars, bagged them up and threw  gently placed them into the freezer. I was able to make a dozen little bars. 



(they’re cursed because I had such a heck of a time with them….. cricket. cricket.)

My version goes as follows:

2 Cups Yogurt (I used strawberry but am totally going to do vanilla next time)

1 Cup chopped fruit (strawberries)

1/2 Cup chopped nuts (almonds)

1/2 cup melted dark chocolate

Okay the only thing I have a definite measurement on is the yogurt, the other stuff I guesstimated and went by looks. Her recipe calls for granola, which would’ve been yummy but I wasn’t feeling it at the time, and didn’t think my pumpkin flax seed granola would go well with the strawberry. 

Mix everything together except the melted chocolate. Spread out onto a foil-lined cookie sheet. Paint the chocolate on top. Cuss a lot. Cover with saran wrap and allow to freeze. Cut into bars when fully set, and store in airtight baggies/containers. 


Try it out! I’m looking forward to these low cal treats! 

Today I’m going for a run, then napping all afternoon while the boy watched Captain America. I have to work 6p-6a tonight and really don’t want to (insert temper tantrum here) 

I just get so nervous about not getting enough sleep, or how dreadful 3am is going to be! I don’t have an iphone so I can’t join EVERYONE else diddling away on facebook all night in between chores/changes. I’m not a coffee drinker, I tend to chug it which makes me wiry and bloaty. Wish me luck!!!!!


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