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I am frustrated. I’ve had my eye set on the Space Coast Half Marathon in Florida in December for a few months now and have been debating whether I was going to have the opportunity to do it or not travel-wise.

Well the half marathon capacity has been reached, and I did not get to sign up.


Disheartened, I headed over to rundisney’s website with hopes of the princess half marathon in February. That too is sold out.

I guess I obviously am naive to the sport of running and just how popular it has become? I guess I’m dumb to think I have a Cushion of 4-7 months to register. Silly me!

So now I’m a little lot lost as far as my goals go. I don’t have any race that I want to do, half marathon wise, aside from the glass city in April of next year. I wanted the space coast to be my first.

Big exasperated sigh.

Lesson learned. Well lesson reinforced- if you want something, get it NOW. Don’t wait and mull it over. Dive in head first and commit. Be spontaneous!

Now I’m going to go sulk and look for some other destination races or something. Maybe I’ll cruise Pinterest and find stuff that motivates me.



I haven’t turned my computer on in 3 weeks, thanks to this smaaaaht phone

How annoying

I have, however, been running a bit. And squatting. And planking. Follow me on Instagram @willamsterdam to see my progress, pictures of my cat and other Random ditties I feel I must share with the world.


Do it.

I ran a 10 minute mile the other day!!!!!!! Had to crawl the rest of my workout but hot damn it felt good!! It’s been so blazing balls hot the last few days (and prior to it rained for a grand total of 18 days straight) its been challenging to get outside and run. I have my alarm set for 4 AM to go run (“run, you fool!” Is the title of my alarm 😉 LOTR anyone? ) but have turned the alarm off each and every time I’ve tried. Lets see about tomorrow.

I also purchased a gym membership! Today I actually worked up the nerve to go for the first time in 2 weeks. (I really am pathetic) I ellipticalled for 20 min then left because the machines intimidated me and I didn’t know how to use them. Next time ill look for an employee and have them enlighten me. It’s a small gym, that too intimidates me. But I’m all in for a year so I have to gtf over it and do this!!

I hope you all are well and good and happy. I will update more I promise promise!

Till then- be radiant!

During my epic 10 min mile!

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