Why Am I Doing This Again?



I am embarking on a journey I have tried many times in the past, with little follow-through or success…. I want to become a runner. Right now I’m a sitter. I like to think that I’m active and super healthy, but in reality I have the know-how to do so but am just lazy and unmotivated. I talk the talk but don’t walk the, run the…. you know…. Sitting on the couch watching a Walking Dead marathon is a lot more fun then running 3 miles (unless you’re running from a zombie, well that still wouldn’t be fun, man I’m not off to a good start am I?) Sitting on the couch eating a turkey sandwich watching the Walking Dead is even better.

But it’s not healthy. Or flattering……

I want to healthify my life- make humongous lifestyle changes while I’m young and full of vibrancy,  vigor and vivaciousness. And not full of atheromas, cholesterol and coronary artery disease…. I guess I am predisposed to the CAD, not only from my ma’s side but from my da as well. DOUBLE WHAMMY! Both are in their mid 50’s, and I am (sob) not getting any younger (or healthier) sitting around…. watching Norman Reedus….. and his B.A crossbow.

Also, I’m about to graduate nursing school (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and need to serve as a noble public figure and role model. If I go walking into my patient’s room, muffin top hanging out and cheeseburgers coursing through my veins (actually it’d be arteries but hey whatev) and preaching low fat diets and exercise, these people are gonna tell me to shove my healthy lifestyles up my back passage (That’s what the English call it, isn’t that the best?!). Ergo… I need to practice what I preach. I need to become the healthy lifestyle.

Kicking and screaming the entire way.

Running is hard. Dieting and making good choices is hard. Sticking with it and making habits turn into second nature is pretty damn impossible at this point. But I’m gonna do it. And this blog will hold me accountable. I’m going to post my workouts, eatings and feelings accompanying my journey, and hopefully inspire others to change their lives in the process!

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