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Last night I told Justin when my alarm goes off he has to push me out of bed. He came back with- due to his present condition and advice of the attending physician he is not allowed to push/pull or lift anything over 50 pounds. (He has an inguinal hernia and has a surgery consult Tuesday!)

So instead when my alarm went off at 7 I had him kick me. It sort of worked. 10 min later I got out of bed And got dressed:



I’m officially starting my half marathon training today. I’m trying out a run/walk interval set- today was 4min run/1min walk. It was nice and cool out, with the foreboding black sky creeping toward me, so it was pleasant. I did we’ll for the first day, I think. The whole set repeats for 45 min. I did it for 35 before heading home. Tomorrow is cross training for an hour. Maybe I’ll use that gym membership I bought a month ago and elliptical/bike??!!!!!?????

I’m going to start up p90x again as well. Woooooooooo doggie!


Donate to st Jude’s and help me meet my fundraising goals! I’m running 19.3 miles in 2 days- donate $19.30!!!!!

Meet Grace

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I believe in my last post I wrote about how I’d missed the cut off for the Space Coast Half Marathon, AND the Disney Princess Half Marathon.


Fast forward to last night, I’m cruising around Facebook while my husband is out with some buddies, looking at the Disney Princess facebook group. I see a post regarding running for charities, and there’s a list of all these organizations with spots left!

I do some quick searching and find that St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital offers the opportunity in exchange for fundraising in their honor!!!


And I did!!! I signed up to run for them! I am a St. Jude Hero! I am still in awe over it all and on cloud nine. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to fulfill one of MY dreams while being able to give back to children so they can live THEIR dreams! I’ve always said ‘run for those who can’t,’ this is my first opportunity to do so!


My journey will be long and difficult, but is truly nowhere near the struggles these kids face on a daily basis.

SO I need your help! Any little bit helps, and I will honor each and every donor, regardless of amount, when I run Disney!


The donations from AMAZING people like YOU ensure families never have to pay for treatment. How AWESOME is that? When the world seems like it’s coming to an end because a baby has leukemia or another disease, finances don’t have to be an added stress. It’s so cool 😀

I’m toying with the idea of buying a bunch of Disney stuffed animals when I’m down there and donating them in honor of all the Donors that hit a certain $ mark. I’m not sure yet. I have six months to figure it out.

Oh and learn how to run a half marathon! I’ve been doing well lately, I just need to be more consistent- that’s how I’ll be able to see real progress! Time to get up early for sure now!

Again, check out my Hero page

You will be glad you did!


I am frustrated. I’ve had my eye set on the Space Coast Half Marathon in Florida in December for a few months now and have been debating whether I was going to have the opportunity to do it or not travel-wise.

Well the half marathon capacity has been reached, and I did not get to sign up.


Disheartened, I headed over to rundisney’s website with hopes of the princess half marathon in February. That too is sold out.

I guess I obviously am naive to the sport of running and just how popular it has become? I guess I’m dumb to think I have a Cushion of 4-7 months to register. Silly me!

So now I’m a little lot lost as far as my goals go. I don’t have any race that I want to do, half marathon wise, aside from the glass city in April of next year. I wanted the space coast to be my first.

Big exasperated sigh.

Lesson learned. Well lesson reinforced- if you want something, get it NOW. Don’t wait and mull it over. Dive in head first and commit. Be spontaneous!

Now I’m going to go sulk and look for some other destination races or something. Maybe I’ll cruise Pinterest and find stuff that motivates me.



I haven’t turned my computer on in 3 weeks, thanks to this smaaaaht phone

How annoying

I have, however, been running a bit. And squatting. And planking. Follow me on Instagram @willamsterdam to see my progress, pictures of my cat and other Random ditties I feel I must share with the world.


Do it.

I ran a 10 minute mile the other day!!!!!!! Had to crawl the rest of my workout but hot damn it felt good!! It’s been so blazing balls hot the last few days (and prior to it rained for a grand total of 18 days straight) its been challenging to get outside and run. I have my alarm set for 4 AM to go run (“run, you fool!” Is the title of my alarm 😉 LOTR anyone? ) but have turned the alarm off each and every time I’ve tried. Lets see about tomorrow.

I also purchased a gym membership! Today I actually worked up the nerve to go for the first time in 2 weeks. (I really am pathetic) I ellipticalled for 20 min then left because the machines intimidated me and I didn’t know how to use them. Next time ill look for an employee and have them enlighten me. It’s a small gym, that too intimidates me. But I’m all in for a year so I have to gtf over it and do this!!

I hope you all are well and good and happy. I will update more I promise promise!

Till then- be radiant!

During my epic 10 min mile!

Well hello there

I’ve taken a few weeks off due to my busy hectic schedule.

I graduated Valedictorian!
My family visited!
We ate and ate and ate
And ate
And I haven’t gone for a run in almost 2 Weeks!!!!!


I got the IPhone 5 which I’m currently typing this on.

O technology!

Will post more tomorrow, and run!!!

I got 2 miles in today, in a

I got 2 miles in today, in a combo run/walk. Not bad. The humidity makes me feel like I’m drowning, gasping for air like a fish out of water. It is frustrating, but I stick with it. I do the miles regardless, walking is still better then sitting on my ass. 

I’m down 5 lbs. 191! I’d weighed in a month ago at 193, then blew up to 196. Steadily I’ve been taking it off. We aren’t drinking milk (just almond or coconut milk) and eating a lottt of salads. Plus I’ve been running more, while I’d gained when I was out for my knee injury. It’s progress, however small. 

My family flies in tomorrow from Florida!!! I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have oodles and oodles of cleaning to do however, so I shouldn’t be posting this at all…. Especially since I have to work 2-1030 tonight……. It’s my LAST shift as a nurse’s aide! I started on afternoon shift and am going on out afternoon shift! I start shadowing on the 24th for my LPN position, my goodness how life changes!

Okay, gotta go clean. And clean. And clean. And work….. And clean….

Look what I made!


These little pretties (they really are pretty, my phone just sucks rocks) are from a recipe I glommed off of the Lean Green Bean here. She has great tips, I’m slowly getting into weekly food prepping, and she also does the Foodie Penpal program! If you have never checked out her page, she is AWESOME and you must go there as soon as you’re done reading/liking/commenting/following this post.


My bars go by the name “Cursed Frogurt Bars” (Any Simpson’s Fans out there?) Here’s why:

I originally started to make them as frozen yogurt bites, scooping them into an ice cube tray and when they set, dip them in dark chocolate.


Well that all worked out great (for the most part, the chocolate kept freezing up and became more like a frosting them a dip…) But when Justin bit into one of the finished ditties, he jumped up and down waving his hands around with a really painful look on his face, then spit the chewed up spitty bite out onto the plate. (I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that…) 

Turns out it was too cold for that big of a bite for him (and for me but I wasn’t mr drama queen about it).
SO. I pried all the bites out of the tray back into a bowl, mashed them up till they were soft, and spread them out onto the foiled cookie sheet:


I magically got some of the dark chocolate to stick to the tops, don’t ask me how because I really don’t know. It was a bit like finger painting for a minute there. I popped them in the freezer and let them set over night. After dropping Justin off at work this morning (hello 6am) I came home and chopped them into bars, bagged them up and threw  gently placed them into the freezer. I was able to make a dozen little bars. 



(they’re cursed because I had such a heck of a time with them….. cricket. cricket.)

My version goes as follows:

2 Cups Yogurt (I used strawberry but am totally going to do vanilla next time)

1 Cup chopped fruit (strawberries)

1/2 Cup chopped nuts (almonds)

1/2 cup melted dark chocolate

Okay the only thing I have a definite measurement on is the yogurt, the other stuff I guesstimated and went by looks. Her recipe calls for granola, which would’ve been yummy but I wasn’t feeling it at the time, and didn’t think my pumpkin flax seed granola would go well with the strawberry. 

Mix everything together except the melted chocolate. Spread out onto a foil-lined cookie sheet. Paint the chocolate on top. Cuss a lot. Cover with saran wrap and allow to freeze. Cut into bars when fully set, and store in airtight baggies/containers. 


Try it out! I’m looking forward to these low cal treats! 

Today I’m going for a run, then napping all afternoon while the boy watched Captain America. I have to work 6p-6a tonight and really don’t want to (insert temper tantrum here) 

I just get so nervous about not getting enough sleep, or how dreadful 3am is going to be! I don’t have an iphone so I can’t join EVERYONE else diddling away on facebook all night in between chores/changes. I’m not a coffee drinker, I tend to chug it which makes me wiry and bloaty. Wish me luck!!!!!


Arming Bears

Last night I had a pretty good run, definitely better then last week’s disaster of an attempt…. I ran 2 full laps around the park, walked 1, ran 1, walked 1 and ran 1. COOL! My breathing feels like it did when I first started my couch to 5k program in early April- my lungs and throat feel like I’m sucking in cold air…. A lot of mucus and spitting and hacking (which is quite a feat for me- I never learned how to properly hock a loogie)


Today I’m cleaning out my closet (literally, not figuratively) so my hubby can put the gun cabinet in there…. We go through a kick a few times a year of re-arranging our furniture, and apparently the bug has bit him. He is very proud of his arms, as am I. Here’s his newest purchase- 



I was supposed to do the Cleveland Color Run today…. I personally did not feel ready to participate in the event to my standards. Unfortunately. There is, however, one in Toledo in August that you can BET YOUR BOOTAY I will be at! August is when I ‘start’ training for the half marathon I want to accomplish in December.

Am I crazy for having that HUGE of a goal? Is it physically unattainable at this point in time? I don’t think so! 





OH! On another SUPER HAPPY AWESOME note:


They fly into Toledo Thursday, for 7 glorious days of staring at each other smiling. 

I can’t wait! I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years!

Imagemy 2 sisters 😀

Are you close to your family? 

Do you get to see them often?

What is your HUGE, damn-near-out-of-reach goal for the year?


My Last Day of LPN School!

Today was my last day of nursing school!




I was announced the class speaker, so I officially have to come up with a speech for graduation…

And I’m still waiting to see if I am valedictorian. It will be close, I think. Super close. Upset stomach close………. ugh…………. I got way too many 100’s on tests throughout the year to NOT get it. We will see….

I think my new-found allergies have been kicking my butt while running. What’s today… Friday, so…. Wednesday I went for a run and was able to make it a lap without feeling like my heart was going to explode out my chest cavity. Yay. I really need to start running every day, waking up early, staying up late… I need to just do it…..



I’m off for the next month! (Till the 24th, so almost 3 weeks.)

I WILL RUN EVERYDAY. I have a half marathon I’m eyeballing in December, and I sure as shit won’t make it pinning motivational quotes about running….

I need to get my brain back into the swing of things. I deserve an hour of do whatever I want to do (i.e running) every day. 



A terrible, HORRIBLE, no good, very bad run!

Saturday was by far the worst run I’ve ever had, even worse then my 1st week running. (Okay, okay, now I may be getting a little dramatic…) But really. Check this shitaki out:


Monday, Memorial Day: I ran a mile and a half without stopping, my PERSONAL BEST.

Tuesday I precepted 3a-3p, Wednesday I worked, Thursday Justin and I went KAYAKING and got sunnnnnn burrrrnnnntttt (Pictures soon) and Friday I don’t remember what I did……… oh yeah I had a mock interview at school (nailed it)

So Saturday I go to run…. Got my new Brooks running shoes that I’ve been dying to break in…..

I can’t run half a lap around the park without gasping for air. 

This is how I felt: 


gasping for air, feet weighing a ton, unable to run half a lap when less than a week prior I ran 3 without stopping! What the hell????!!!!!!

I attribute it to a few things: 

  • I had just worked 12 hours at the nursing home on my feet
  • It was oppressively hot AND humid
  • I had new shoes on
  • My knees were crispy lobster red from kayaking

I was miserable. I apologize to the families who heard a few F bombs


I was mad. 

I know everyone has a bad run, everyone, even the elites I follow on, have shit days. It was just discouraging and straight up pissed me off, like flipping on the lights in the kitchen at 2am and seeing a cockroach scutter across the counter top…. (I grew up in Florida, everyone has roaches in Florida)

Of course you know, this means WAR!


Tomorrow I am going to lace up my shoes and try again…. this time in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon, we KAYAK!!!

On a positive note- we started 5 gallons of Rhubarb wine today! And I believe we will be bottling our strawberry wine tomorrow, huzzah!!!! The Rhubarb will be ready for Valentine’s Day. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s run!!!!!



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