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My 101 in 1001 List

Today I didn’t do anything “fitness” related, sorry to say. 

I did, however, do some major gardening, so that kind of counts, right???




Tomorrow I’m running again, and yoga-ing. And shredding, or whatever it is Jillian Michaels has me doing.

I also drank a crap ton of water today, which isn’t too difficult for me, given that I’ve been getting into the swing of this for a while. My problem is I prefer ice in my water, and we do not have an ice maker…. and the bag of ice in our freezer has freezer burned together into a giant iceberg… and I don’t own an ice pick.

I also, today, instead of studying for my Life Span final on WEDNESDAY (go me) came up with my own 101 GOALS in 1001 DAYS. Check out the page above ^ to keep tabs on me. 

Here is my list:

My 101 in 1001

Starting: May 7, 2013

Ending…… uh……. (carry the two……..) February 2, 2016


I’ve seen a few of these 101 GOALS in 1001 DAYS, and decided  I was going to set myself up a list and see what happens…… The premise is, given 1001 days (roughly 2 and ¾ years) you can accomplish all 101 goals for yourself. The goals must be MEASURABLE and SPECIFIC (none of that ambiguous stuff) Also, 1001 days is a longer time span then 1 year, giving you “many seasons” to organize and plan for some of the biggies on the list…….

So here it goes…

  1. Lose 50 lbs (Currently 193.8 as of 5/7)
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Run 10 5ks
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Run 5 half marathons
  6. Run a full marathon
  7. Run 3 full marathons
  8. Own a blogsite (
  9. Obtain my RN
  10. Participate in a sprint Triathalon
  11. Organize a running group
  12. Get my husband to run a 5k with me
  13. Hold a gallery event for my photography
  14. Start a boudoir photography business!
  15. Laser Hair Removal
  16. Get 5 new tattoos
  17. Start a food canning group
  18. Paint a portrait
  19. Finish a crocheting project
  20. Shoot a deer with my bow
  21. Write and publish a short story
  22. Get to a “healthy” BMI (currently 33%)
  23. Learn how to use photoshop
  24. Learn how to play the harmonica
  25. Cook 30 meals with my pressure cooker
  26. Prepare a week’s worth of food on Sunday 15 times
  27. Sing at open mic night 1 time
  28. Go hiking in Colorado with our cousins
  29. Go hiking in North Carolina
  30. Complete Project 365
  31. Kayak around PIB in less than 2 hours (currently don’t know how long it takes, will try it once and revise this)
  32. Do yoga before and after work 50 times
  33. Be able to perform a side crow pose
  34. Do couple’s yoga with my husband 50 times
  35. Be able to perform the scorpion pose
  36. Eat drink 8oz of water 500 days
  37. Put away $5000 in savings  (~$75  a paycheck)
  38. Save up my spare change for 1001 days (We’ll see about this!!!)
  39. Learn how to Identify 15 constellations
  40. Get my CCW
  41. Get 100 followers on my blog
  42. Host 5 giveaways
  43. Try 30 different recipes/cook my way through a cookbook
  44. Make homemade whole wheat pasta
  45. Take a kick boxing class
  46. Take a boxing class
  47. Learn how to drive stick shift
  48. Have boudoir photos taken of myself and my husband
  49. Get an indoor biking platform
  50. Go rock climbing
  51. Take vitamins 365 times
  52. Make a recipe book/blog section
  53. Finish playing Skyrim
  54. Meet and run with one blogger
  55. Plant a garden for an elderly person
  56. Complete the MS Bike to the Bay
  57. Have a 6 month stockpile in my basement of food, toiletries and household items
  58. Finish the upstairs bathroom
  59. Update the kitchen
  60. Go on a date 20 times with just my hubby
  61. Take a ballroom dance class
  62. Make 20 DIY projects off pintrest (I am a firm believer nobody actually does any of the things they pin!)
  63. Learn how to make sushi
  64. Get a design for our wine
  65. Adopt a wild mustang
  66. See the wild ponies of Chincoteague Island
  67. Learn how to filet a fish
  68. Write out our wills
  69. Make soap
  70. Go maple-syruping (can’t remember what it’s called right now)
  71. Have my wisdom teeth removed (TERRIFIED)
  72. Make something to sell (and sell it!) on ETSY
  73. Learn how to hang10 on the IndoBoard
  74. Make cheese
  75. Do a detox cleanse
  76. Send out Homemade Christmas Cards (both years)
  77. Have a booth at a farmer’s market
  78. Get matching tattoos with my sisters
  79. Make a sundress
  80. Visit NYC with my cousins
  81. Have sex (at least) once a day for 30 days (5 times over) 😉
  82. Make 30 recipes from the Ball canning cookbook
  83. Kill an alligator (Or help my husband do it)
  84. Learn how to identify 15 trees by their leaves
  85. Become Scuba certified
  86. Skydive
  87. Go camping for a week with no amenities
  88. Floss my teeth daily for a month, 5 times over (AGAIN, I’ve got 2 and ¾ years people!) Let’s DO THIS
  89. Take a pole-dancing class
  90. Recycle weekly
  91. See the Northern Lights
  92. Do the Foodie Pen Pal Challenge each month
  93. Write Thank You Cards for all gifts etc. received
  94. Start a homemade dog treat business
  95. Take a cupcake decorating class
  96. Actually make it to Hocking Hills for our Anniversary (Or the Smokies, whichever)
  97. See Mumford and Sons, Tool and the Foo Fighters in concert if applicable
  98. Stop crossing my legs
  99. Have questionable moles removed
  100. Do a back bend/walk over
  101. Have sex in 15 public places

Wish me luck!!!

My 8 Week Fitness Challenge Goals

I am participating in Countdown From 50’s 8 Week Fitness Challenge (< go there for the details and to sign up!!)

Basically it consists of 8 weeks of varying fitness, eating and motivation challenges to kick your butt into shape. It starts SUNDAY.

Our first homework assignment is to come up with attainable and realistic goals to shoot for during the 8 weeks, and in the long run….. so……….

I want arms like this


Toned, not BULKY, feminine, pretty…..

I don’t want my thighs to touch. I want to be able to wear a denim mini skirt without feeling self conscious, or rubbing myself raw in the process…. I want lean legs. I have short legs, and want them to look longer, leaner…

like this:



HELL If I could gear toward something like this:

fitcurvyI’d be a happy camper 🙂

But really……

My long term goals are as follows-

Lose 50 lbs (I am at 195 right now, I would like to hit 145)

Run a half marathon (December 1st is the Space Coast Marathon/Half, my goal for this year, it’s a big one, since it’s a DESTINATION race to my beautiful homeland in Florida)

And be able to do this pose:

Makes my mouth water...

Makes my mouth water…


Is it hot in here??? (That is so damn cool I can NOT get over it)


Anywhoo…. my Short term goals are….

By the end of 8 weeks:

…I will have lost 20 pounds. At 4 weeks, if I am not around -10#, I will revise whatever it is I’m doing…

…I will have my fitness time down to a habit and not a chore. I enjoy exercising now, and want to channel that positivity toward a routine, NO EXCUSES!

…I will be eating healthier (I can’t WAIT for the garden to mature! For Farmer’s Markets! For FRESH, IN SEASON veggies!!!) and making healthy choices all the time, instead of gorging and glugging away my hard-earned work…

… I will be able to run a 5k without going into cardiac arrest, or exploding from every orifice of my body….

… I will be a motivation to others to ditch their unhealthy lifestyles and serve as an ambassador to healthy living!


All attainable, and realistic.

READY FOR SUNDAY!!!!!!! I am excited. I think…….. maybe….. I will post some before pictures of my wonderfully hot bod….


Maybe…… 😉


Excuses Are Not Welcome Anymore

I am tired of excuses. I make them all the time. I hear other people make them. I’m just tired of them.




And that goes for not just running or fitness, it goes for life in general.

I’m too lazy to go down the stairs to the basement sometimes, so I just drop whatever it may be into the laundry shoot.

I let items accumulate next to the upstairs steps so I don’t have to make so many trips.




No more of that.


I have a babysitting snafu for tomorrow (Which really really really gets my blood boiling. You wanna talk angry???? You wanna talk crazy???? I GOT YOUR CRAZY) and have to scramble to find a replacement pronto so I can get my Nursing School pictures done.


I’ve had the FLU for the past two days and still did what I needed to do. I’m talking nausea whenever I’m vertical. Poop. Ooodles of poop. Fever. Chills. Did I mention the poop?

But I still worked, and did the whole mom thing, and wife thing, and housework thing.

breathe in…………… breathe out………….

I need to channel the frustration I’m feeling and direct it back into myself, in the form of this challenge-

I will Imagine my future self getting mad at me for the excuses I’m pulling today. This rage, this frustration and DISAPPOINTMENT over some lame excuse, over the easy road….

Now I will stop making excuses and just do what needs to be done.

It’s called life, boys and girls.

Nothing worth doing comes easy,

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

― Theodore Roosevelt






Hindsight is 20/20: New Runner Tips

I am a new runner. I am painfully stumbling and fumbling my way through learning the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of this lifestyle.

So far, not so good.

FIRST MISTAKE: In a cheap (and so stupid) ditch effort to save some money (full time nursing school zaps your moola) I’d been running in used, worn and tired shoes.

SECOND MISTAKE: I did not have strong legs going in to this (I’m building strength by running, right????)

THIRD MISTAKE: I was going to start my cross-training within the next week, but really had to start a month ago.

Right now I am currently bumming what I believe is tendinitis… one pretty nasty case in my Right knee, and a mild come and go one in my left. Today marks 9 days off from running. I’m going crazy, especially with the power exhibited behind the runners throughout the world in response to Boston. I want to  show my support and channel my emotions and grow strong, But I gotta do what I gotta do.

RICE is my friend. (and… dare I say it……….. my legs are feeling better!)

Here is what I’ve learned so far…….

#1- DO NOT WEAR CHEAP SHOES!!!!!!!! You get what you put into your workout, unfortunately, and I used crap shoes and got CRAP KNEES because of it. APPARENTLY…..  when you run, your knees take on 2-3 TIMES your body weight, one at a time. (Doing the math in my head…. carry the two…..) that means for me personally, at a ‘cough’ healthy 195 pounds, my poor poor knees each take on a mere 585 pounds with each step. That’s the equivalent of my one little knee carrying the weight of a male lion. I’m talking the f*ing King of the Jungle.

Hey, at least it's some majestic animal

Hey, at least it’s some majestic animal, I’ve got a ways to go till I’m at elephant seal…

The cushioning technology in running shoes offset the weight, absorbing 2.5 times the weight of the lion, reducing the force emitted on the cartilage of the knees. The Wedding Singer is flashing in my head right now…

“Things that could’ve been brought to my attention YESTERDAYYYY”

(I’m just kidding. I take full responsibility for my dumbass attack)

SOLUTION: Get fitted for a pair of shoes based on your running gait, and have it professionally done at a place like:

The Running Zone

They know what they’re doing. They will watch and often videotape how you run, analyze and examine your gait and match you with shoes perfect for your individual step. If you are in Melbourne, Florida and need a really great (and I mean really, really great) running store experience, check them out. Heck, check them out anyway, right meow. Ever heard of the Space Coast Marathon? That’s them. (They are also my wonderful cousins, who I don’t talk to nearly enough but think of all the time)

I grew up on Florida’s gorgeous space coast

The beach up the street from my house growing up.... sigh,,,,,

The beach up the street from my house growing up…. sigh……

 and dream of running the Space Coast Marathon someday, and am going to train for the Half this DECEMBER. I live in Northern Ohio (I can spit and hit Lake Erie, no really) and am so envious of their beautiful weather all the time, and the million and a half 5ks every weekend down there. I took the weather for granted when I lived there, and wish I had been into running when I lived there. Maybe someday I’ll move back (My hubby LOVES it there, but is fearful a hurricane will sink the peninsula)

I’ve never been to RoadRunner Sports, but my friend and I are going to take a road trip down there this summer to get me refitted for shoes (I’m an Ariel) The downfall is the closest one to us (and the only one in the STATE for that matter) is in Columbus, about a 3 hour drive. But apparently it’s worth it! (Still, if you’re in Florida, make the trip to my beautiful homeland and check out the Running Zone and run in one of their 5ks, they are so good and family oriented)

I’ve been researching tips how to not SUCK when I get back on the road, and find myself on Cool Running’s site… Here are their tips for narrowing down the most appropriate shoe for you (It’s a rundown of your foot and step characteristics, what to expect when you are professionally fitted, and some technical jargon so you’re not standing there with your thumb up your nose while the sales associates talk to you.)


Again, a huge mistake thinking I could nail jello to a tree. I have relatively strong legs, but not enough to compensate for my sh*tty shoes. Or the lion.

Again, my couch-bound ass has scoured the internet trying to figure out what I did wrong, and how to not F it up again. Here’s what I’ve come up with, it’s really quite simple.

Your knee is a hinge, surrounded by strong leg muscles. In order to support your knee (and lion) you need to have a strong foundation to prevent common running injuries. The quads and hamstrings help keep your knee in proper alignment, preventing torque injuries.


Take it for what it’s worth, do your own research, try what’s best for you. This is what I’ve found…

SOLUTION: has a section on exercises used to strengthen the hip flexors (a common weak link for many runners) and leg muscles…

MISTAKE #3- Cross Train!

This basically reiterates #2, strengthen the muscles in those legs, work muscles not used while running, and help prevent injuries!

I am going to start elliptical training, and once the WONDERFUL Ohio weather decides to snap the F out of it and warm up, I’ll go across the street and swim in the Lake. People in Ohio don’t really have swimming pools (at least no one I know) and the local high schools want to charge be a rotten $200 for a pool pass. Harumph. I’ll swim in the lake. I also love to BIKE!!! So there’s my cross-training.

Now…. all that information is there…. I JUST HAVE TO DO IT.

And remember- I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun!

Run Strong my friends!

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