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Was that a Hyena?

So, I really have no clue what I’m doing as far as running goes. I have a pretty good idea, I think, but lack a lot of the knowledge and essential garb for truly embracing the lifestyle. That’s okay, for now… I don’t know what a technical shirt is, (Anyone wanna field that one?) And chafing balm? I would’ve found that one out the painful way. I run in worn out sneakers (which my knees are thanking me for….) But like I said, I am shooting for June. In June the heavens will open up with beautiful singing angels and I will be able to start purchasing the necessities of running.

Until then…….. Does anyone have a good list of stuff I can’t live (or run) without? What products work best for you, and which ones I shouldn’t give a second glance?

Oh yes, since this blog is supposed to be about posting my workouts, I shall post yesterday’s run…

I am doing the couch to 5k and since I don’t have one of those “Smart Phones” (I truly live in the stone age) I scoured the internet to find an intervals podcast to download on my Ipod. Check out DJ Beatsmith’s Podrunner Intervals, the music is upbeat and motivating, and I love not having to glance at my ipod every 3 seconds and try to calculate how long it’s been, and when I need to switch from running to walking… (EPIC FAIL)

So, yesterday was Week 2, Day 2, and the set was 28 min long. I did amazingly well, considering I’d taken 3 days off and I’m only into my second week. I felt like I could’ve continued running (and I probably should have).

I love the clarity of mind you get from running, and I was laughing like a hyena when I realized I’d completed the workout already (Runner’s high, anyone?). The accomplishment (although minute to you seasoned runners) amazes me. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since day 1, when I swear I was going into cardiac arrest on the side of the road (Picture a puddle of a girl lying in a gutter, pounding on her chest screaming “It’s OKAY, I know CPR”).

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