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Every Journey Begins with One Step

In my case, it began with 87423 steps (or however many were in today’s c25k workout)


I’m on week 2 day 2, and did great! Converting to the midfoot strike running is awkward, I feel like I really have to concentrate on running, and that I’m braking and hitching as I run. My calves feel awesome though! (They’re screaming at me right now, calling me a delusional traitor)

Tonight’s agenda, once my delicious dinner digests, calls for yoga from the Loverly Sarah Beth she is my muse, I want to be like her when I grow up!

I also will do some of the isolated muscle workouts Mrs Countdown From 50 has laid out this week for our 8 week fitness challenge!!!

I guess I should post today’s weight, since it is the 1st day……


I will have my hubby take measurements this evening, and will post them as welllllllllll.

I have a little over a month until the COLOR RUN in Cleveland, and I am SOOOO excited!!!! It also means a little over a month until I GRADUATE, and until my FAMILY comes to visit!!! (I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years) I’m more excited about seeing them, I think, then I am about graduating!

We are also buying kayaks in the not-so-distant-future, and will add that to my daily workout. MMMMmm I cannnnot WAIT, I can see the lake from my house, and it will be nothing to carry a 50# kayak across the street every day. I am so incredibly excited about that!

I think we have decided on this make/model… I’ve read a million reviews, and think this is where it’s at….

Old Town Dirigo 120

In sunrise,of course 😉

Off to digest, and do the laundry!


My 8 Week Fitness Challenge Goals

I am participating in Countdown From 50’s 8 Week Fitness Challenge (< go there for the details and to sign up!!)

Basically it consists of 8 weeks of varying fitness, eating and motivation challenges to kick your butt into shape. It starts SUNDAY.

Our first homework assignment is to come up with attainable and realistic goals to shoot for during the 8 weeks, and in the long run….. so……….

I want arms like this


Toned, not BULKY, feminine, pretty…..

I don’t want my thighs to touch. I want to be able to wear a denim mini skirt without feeling self conscious, or rubbing myself raw in the process…. I want lean legs. I have short legs, and want them to look longer, leaner…

like this:



HELL If I could gear toward something like this:

fitcurvyI’d be a happy camper 🙂

But really……

My long term goals are as follows-

Lose 50 lbs (I am at 195 right now, I would like to hit 145)

Run a half marathon (December 1st is the Space Coast Marathon/Half, my goal for this year, it’s a big one, since it’s a DESTINATION race to my beautiful homeland in Florida)

And be able to do this pose:

Makes my mouth water...

Makes my mouth water…


Is it hot in here??? (That is so damn cool I can NOT get over it)


Anywhoo…. my Short term goals are….

By the end of 8 weeks:

…I will have lost 20 pounds. At 4 weeks, if I am not around -10#, I will revise whatever it is I’m doing…

…I will have my fitness time down to a habit and not a chore. I enjoy exercising now, and want to channel that positivity toward a routine, NO EXCUSES!

…I will be eating healthier (I can’t WAIT for the garden to mature! For Farmer’s Markets! For FRESH, IN SEASON veggies!!!) and making healthy choices all the time, instead of gorging and glugging away my hard-earned work…

… I will be able to run a 5k without going into cardiac arrest, or exploding from every orifice of my body….

… I will be a motivation to others to ditch their unhealthy lifestyles and serve as an ambassador to healthy living!


All attainable, and realistic.

READY FOR SUNDAY!!!!!!! I am excited. I think…….. maybe….. I will post some before pictures of my wonderfully hot bod….


Maybe…… 😉


Hump Day

Today’s workouts:

20 V leg crunches (lower leg lifts)

20 isolated crunches

45min of yoga thanks to Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube….


Yoga for Hamstring Flexibility

Yoga for Stress or Anxiety Relief

Yoga to loosen the hips

Superstretch for low backs and hips

and the Mother of them all—–

Tabata workout for upper body strength…….

Check them out! I’m telling you, they’re relaxing and over before you know it. I feel great!


But I’m sure I’ll be hobbling around the hospital tomorrow………

Anywhooo…….. Given the appropriate weather conditions, I think I’m going for a


tomorrow!!! It’s been 2 weeks, my knees feel great, and I was pranced around my basement earlier trying to figure out how to land on the balls of my feet and not my heel… 


I am the former. I wish to be the latter. I will try it out tomorrow and see how it goes!!!

Till then………

Be good! Or just good at it.

Mon Day



This was me this morning…

I set my alarm to get up with my husband at 5, had my yoga pants and tank top within arms’ length of the bed. I ended up hitting snooze a few times (Okay like 5) and just kind of rolled around the bed for another half an hour.

That counts as a morning yoga routine, right??




So this evening after I put my wonderful child to bed….. (I got my first “I’M NOT YOUR SON!” tonight….. cue the warm fuzzies!)

I did 4 yoga videos from Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube (She’s GREAT)

And….. 20 leg V lifts (I guess I’ll call them that?)

And 20 arms-over-the-head slow crunches.

Feel the burn!!! 

I do, I do!

My knees are feeling better still, I might be brazen enough to jog it out later this week or during the weekend…. oh I hope I hope I hope!

Oh I saw this earlier today and cannot for the LIFE of me find out where….. when I figure it out I will comment with credits- I love it. How positive!!!




And to end on a super positive note….. I only have 23 actual days of school left until I GRADUATE!!

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!! (June 18th is the big day!!!!!!!)


Have a wonderful evening everyone- when my husband gets home from a hard night’s work killing zombies we are going to watch 


Mmmmm Sam Worthington…..



Shine on! Run Strong!

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