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A terrible, HORRIBLE, no good, very bad run!

Saturday was by far the worst run I’ve ever had, even worse then my 1st week running. (Okay, okay, now I may be getting a little dramatic…) But really. Check this shitaki out:


Monday, Memorial Day: I ran a mile and a half without stopping, my PERSONAL BEST.

Tuesday I precepted 3a-3p, Wednesday I worked, Thursday Justin and I went KAYAKING and got sunnnnnn burrrrnnnntttt (Pictures soon) and Friday I don’t remember what I did……… oh yeah I had a mock interview at school (nailed it)

So Saturday I go to run…. Got my new Brooks running shoes that I’ve been dying to break in…..

I can’t run half a lap around the park without gasping for air. 

This is how I felt: 


gasping for air, feet weighing a ton, unable to run half a lap when less than a week prior I ran 3 without stopping! What the hell????!!!!!!

I attribute it to a few things: 

  • I had just worked 12 hours at the nursing home on my feet
  • It was oppressively hot AND humid
  • I had new shoes on
  • My knees were crispy lobster red from kayaking

I was miserable. I apologize to the families who heard a few F bombs


I was mad. 

I know everyone has a bad run, everyone, even the elites I follow on, have shit days. It was just discouraging and straight up pissed me off, like flipping on the lights in the kitchen at 2am and seeing a cockroach scutter across the counter top…. (I grew up in Florida, everyone has roaches in Florida)

Of course you know, this means WAR!


Tomorrow I am going to lace up my shoes and try again…. this time in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon, we KAYAK!!!

On a positive note- we started 5 gallons of Rhubarb wine today! And I believe we will be bottling our strawberry wine tomorrow, huzzah!!!! The Rhubarb will be ready for Valentine’s Day. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s run!!!!!



Excuses Are Not Welcome Anymore

I am tired of excuses. I make them all the time. I hear other people make them. I’m just tired of them.




And that goes for not just running or fitness, it goes for life in general.

I’m too lazy to go down the stairs to the basement sometimes, so I just drop whatever it may be into the laundry shoot.

I let items accumulate next to the upstairs steps so I don’t have to make so many trips.




No more of that.


I have a babysitting snafu for tomorrow (Which really really really gets my blood boiling. You wanna talk angry???? You wanna talk crazy???? I GOT YOUR CRAZY) and have to scramble to find a replacement pronto so I can get my Nursing School pictures done.


I’ve had the FLU for the past two days and still did what I needed to do. I’m talking nausea whenever I’m vertical. Poop. Ooodles of poop. Fever. Chills. Did I mention the poop?

But I still worked, and did the whole mom thing, and wife thing, and housework thing.

breathe in…………… breathe out………….

I need to channel the frustration I’m feeling and direct it back into myself, in the form of this challenge-

I will Imagine my future self getting mad at me for the excuses I’m pulling today. This rage, this frustration and DISAPPOINTMENT over some lame excuse, over the easy road….

Now I will stop making excuses and just do what needs to be done.

It’s called life, boys and girls.

Nothing worth doing comes easy,

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

― Theodore Roosevelt






Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Sh*t on Me Today!

I apologize for the negativity in what you are about to read. I’m trying to be positive, you know, all “I am radiant there’s sunshine shooting out of every orifice teeheehee!” But today I am a dark rain cloud. Not a little black rain cloud, no no Pooh Bear, I’m a full-fledged F5 Tornado, hurling rusty farm machinery at Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.


Giving that cat a run for his money. Although I’m sure he would revel in my dilemma, the bastard

I totally jacked up my knees. Both of them. A Bilateral pile of horse shit. I blame my old shoes. I blame the economy. I blame nursing school. I blame myself for being stupid and cheap and trying to filch it until I can afford a nice pair of shoes. Bah. BAH! (shaking my fist at the universe)

As an almost nurse, we’ve been taught to instruct (“For we are nurses”,  my instructor says in a shrill voice, “we do not ENCOURAGE, we INSTRUCT!”) our patients to go to a physician to diagnose presenting ailments.

Cut to me feverously smashing away at the keys, googling my signs and symptoms.  Meniscus sprain? Tear? Obliteration? Runner’s Knee? Popliteal Deconglomeration? (okay I made that one up)

Basically I should go to a doctor and get a barrage of tests done to see what I did. I think I strained it. Sprain? Strain? I can’t remember the difference right now.  sTrain= Tendon. Is the meniscus a tendon? I think so.

RICE. No no not flied lice (tastes nice!!) Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. My anagram goes something like this though:


IDIOT, (Stimpy you)



So I’m going to take a week off from my training (maybe more depending on the extent) And take it easy. I can hear my mother’s voice a mere month ago when I told her I was going to start running…

(Cue thick New York accent) “Sarah, don’t run, save your knees”   Yeah yeah whatever mom okay.

I’m waving at you right now mom. And smiling. (By waving I mean flipping the bird and by smiling I mean flipping the bird with my other hand) Love you mom. Mean it. (I really do love my mother she is amazing and, dare I say it, a bit clairvoyant?)

So in order for me to keep up with the wonderful progress I’d been making (that part wasn’t sarcasm, I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks from diet and exercise!) I’m going to have to do some low impact take-it-easy exercises, like yoga, ab and arm exercises and a lot of sex (so not low-impact)

grumble grumble grumble…….

Anyone have any setback stories to share to get my hopes up? Advice? Anything that doesn’t involve amputation and or bilateral knee replacements/ACL surgery. (I am a worst-case scenario thinker….)






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