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There’s a 6 year old Humpback Whale in my Dining Room

I ordered a new pair of running shoes the other night!!!!! (Monday night to be exact)

They showed up today!


     Oh…. I’m ready….

Thank you Roadrunner Sports for VIP warp speed shipping

(And for having a warehouse in Ohio)

BEHOLD! The Brooks Ariel 12!!!!!!!!


I wore the Ariel many years ago when I was fitted and due to their “motion control” aspect. I overpronate like whoa.

Imageold ladies be jealous!!!

They’re not the most fun-looking running shoes around, unfortunately, but they’re great!

So far…..

I wanted to go out for a run this afternoon and break them in, you know, run around the park while the boy played.

But I guess he punched some kid in the throat today at school, so he’s in timeout. I got a text from my husband before I found out what he’d done. All it said was:

“Don’t kill him when he gets home. I’ll do it. He’s in trouble.”


So all afternoon I wondered what in the hell he had done. I didn’t hear any sirens going off, nor did I see black smoke on the horizon, so that was at least a plus…

But yeah, punched some kid in the throat………. I’m thankful I’m done with school in a few weeks, we will be able to take him to counseling now, since the school didn’t get back to me the third, fourth, or fifth time I asked them about it……………

He was sitting at the dining room table until he decided to slump so far down in the chair he ended up on the floor. After some ‘gentle coaxing’ I got him to stand up. I’m doing a great job at keeping my voice (and blood pressure) down by straight up ignoring him.

He is currently whining and trying to get my illicit some reaction out of me by raising the decibel and length of his whine every few breaths.

Little does he know, I used to listen to “Songs of the Humpback Whale” alllllllllll the time as a kid.


I can do this all day….

So needless to say, I don’t get to break in my shoes today. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow and will get to do so! I’m excited! Justin and I bought kayaks last week and haven’t gotten to use them yet- it’s rained every day since we’ve bought them. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! Super upper body and core workout, while enjoying the scenery and soaking up some shine!

ImageI was thinking of wearing my hair like this for graduation. No????????


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